Sudha Mani joins the ever growing speaker line up

Sudha Mani is just another great speaker joining the ever-growing line up for this exciting event.

Sudha is results-oriented, innovative and dynamic seasoned professional who helps you want to Innovate, Interrupt, Ignite your business to out-smart, out-market and out-perform your competition.  Sudha architects, builds and implements highly scalable, future-proof solutions so that you save time and costs, so your Return on Investment (ROI) is high.

The organisations benefit from having a  High-Performance culture to bring positive change and increase productivity without stress and overwhelm when you work with Sudha.  She coaches and consults with entrepreneurs, business owners and executives to enhance their performance with ease to have more personal time while achieving their personal and professional goals with ease and peace of mind. Sudha transforms the ordinary business into high performers.

Find out about her presentation on our speaker’s page where you will find the full speaker lineup

you can find out more about Sudha at her website